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November 3, 2016

Advantages of Using Angle Iron Angle iron is a highly recognizable and versatile type of structural steel. It gets used in thousands of different manufacturing and construction projects that range from ladders to go-cart frames. Its ubiquitous comes directly from its ability to provide users with following key advantages:
  • Affordable.  Angle iron is a strong yet lightweight material that’s available for a great price. It compares in functionality with higher-priced metals, but its lower price allows users to enjoy its quality structural abilities while keeping costs low.
  • Minimal Maintenance.   Once angle iron has been properly sealed or painted following installation, it requires very little maintenance.
  • High Strength Capabilities.  Thanks to its 90-degree bend, angle iron enjoys high strength capabilities and withstands bending. Pound-for-pound, angle iron is much stronger than wood and other composites and is able to support much larger loads than flat steel.
  • Sustainable.  Have angle iron you need to get rid of? This type of structural steel can be easily reused or recycled into new products through a melting, purifying, and re-casting process.

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