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March 3 , 2016

Published by Picking a steel supplier because they have low prices isn’t exactly the best way to go about searching for the best. While keeping your costs down should definitely play into your decision, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. After all, cheap steel doesn’t necessarily make for sound foundations. Consider the following helpful tips for how to search out the top steel dealers:
  • References first :  Talk with previous clients before you sign on with a licensed steel dealer. Knowing their background will help you better gauge whether the supplier has a trusted reputation for providing quality products and upstanding service.
  • Ask about their workload : Late spring and early summer tends to be the busiest season for contract work. Too often novice steel suppliers and dealers will take on every contract they get with eyes on the cash and not the calendar. This leads to many taking on such a mega-work overload, they can’t finish any contracts in a timely fashion. Talk with a steel dealer about their average workload, experience, and staff. Top steel dealers have been in the business for at least a decade and know exactly the capabilities of their staff, equipment, and inventory.
  • Paper trail enthusiasts :Professional steel dealers know the importance of having things in writing. You’ll know you’re working with a top steel dealer if they offer to write out a full estimate with detailed calculations of steel quantities and measurements.
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