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April 3, 2016

Did you know that Houston was built on industrial sectors like steel? Pre-1940, the then-population of about 400,000 was largely dependent on shipping and oil. But then the second World War changed all that thanks to massive federal spending. Industries like steel, munitions, and the natural gas industry exploded and tens of thousands of city migrants streamed into the city. This growth has just kept going, with Houston now expected to edge out Chicago as the third largest city in America within the coming decade.   Houston not only has a high demand for steel, it arguably has the highest need for reliable metal supply in the region. Here’s a quick look at some of the more prominent industries that have contributed and continue to contribute to this city’s huge need for good steel:  
  • Oil and Gas Exploration.  Steel piping is an integral aspect of various stages in the oil and gas industry, from drilling to production wells quality steel is key.
  • Basic Petroleum Refining.  Stainless steel has a resistance to erosion and corrosion that makes it perfect for a variety of applications throughout refineries, such as for valves and tubing.
  • International Shipping.  The Port of Houston is a major shipping center and is always in need of quality steel for the building and repairing of the many ships that use this city as either their homeport or waystation.

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