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April 15, 2016

Houston loves heavy metal… At least the elemental kind. Houston is one of only four regions that continued to enjoy net job growth in its manufacturing sector throughout even the recession. Today, the demand for steel is so high in the city that it’s brought exciting new growth opportunities for iron workers, with demand for skilled workers being the highest it’s been in 20 years. This is a metropolitan area that’s been on a steady trajectory upward with increasing demands for ready steel supplies since the second world war and the onset of its reputation as a leading industrial center. Houston owes a large part of such industrial success and massive demand for a ready steel supply to its huge port and booming energy sector. And it isn’t just about oil supply and petrochemicals (although both industries continue play a significant role in the city’s market). Houston has also become a leader in renewable energy initiatives and manufacturing. In fact, Houston gets half its power from renewable sources thanks to a program initiated in 2009. So while steel is used to build pipes that pump and move oil, it’s also a key component used for constructing the support needed in solar, wind, and other renewable energy products and facilities.

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