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How to Choose the Right Steel Plate for Your Project

One of the most important considerations for any construction project involve the choice of building materials. Steel continues to be an attractive option due to its versatility, durability, affordability and sustainability (did you know that steel is the world’s most recycled product?).

When looking at materials for foundations or frames for buildings, professionals typically rely on steel plate. Steel plates, metal sheets that measure at least 3/16 of an inch, can bear heavy loads and effectively reinforce structures of all sizes. The specific use will dictate the choice of plate thickness and size, and influence the grade of the steel to be used. Conditions to which the structure will be exposed, such as temperature and other elements, are also key factors. For example, extreme heat or freezing conditions require the choice of durable steel. If corrosion is a potential factor, choose a plate with a more resistant make-up such as stainless steel.

Steel plate suppliers like Texas Iron and Metal understand how important choosing the right steel plate is to your projects. If you have any questions or issues, members of our team will be happy to assist you. We pride ourselves on being your ally for prime and less than prime steel plates of all widths, grades, and sizes. We also carry universal mill plates, commonly referred to as UM plates, in which the steel plates are rolled to width by vertical rolls and rolled to thickness by horizontal rolls.