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Surplus Standard I-Beam

Less-Than-Prime© Standard I-Beam

The standard I-Beam is named for its distinctive shape, similar to the capital letter “I”. The horizontal pieces are known as flanges, and the vertical piece is called the web. This shape is very efficient for carrying loads of weight without bending.

I-beams are structural support materials that are primarily used for building. Able to bear excessive amounts of pressure, I-beams ensure structural integrity and stability.

The thickness of the I-beam will determine the type of jobs it is best suited for. It is important to consider the force applied, the weight carried, and the tension and compression. Smaller sizes are normally used for jobs where the amount of pressure and weight will be minimal, while larger thicker sizes of steel I-beams are used to support structures that bear greater amounts of weight.

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What We Offer

At Texas Iron & Metal, we offer a wide variety of standard I-beams, also lighter junior beams, ranging from 4.4 lbs per foot all the way up to standard I beams up to 121 lbs per foot. We also offer I-beams in a variety of web and flange thicknesses, from 0.114″ to 1.060″.

If you have any questions, members of our team are happy to assist you. We pride ourselves on being your ally for Prime and Less-Than-Prime© I-beam of all sizes and thicknesses. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales associates are always ready to help. Give us a call at 713.672.7595 today.

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I-Beam in stock
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IB10254L10 @ 25.4# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB1035L10 @ 35# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB109L10 @ 9# JR. I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB12118L12 @ 11.8# JR. I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB12318L12 @ 31.8# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB1235L12 @ 35# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB12408L12 @ 40.8# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB1250L12 @ 50# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB15429L15 @ 42.9# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB1550L15 @ 50# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB18547L18 @ 54.7# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB1870L18 @ 70# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB2066L20 @ 66# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB2096L20 @ 96# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB24100L24 @ 100# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB24106L24 @ 106# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB2455L24 @ 55# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB2476L24 @ 76# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB2480L24 @ 80# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB2490L24 @ 90# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB357L3 @ 5.7# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB375L3 @ 7.5# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB477L4 @ 7.7# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB495L4 @ 9.5# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB510L5 @ 10# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB51475L5 @ 14.75# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB6125L6 @ 12.5# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB61725L6 @ 17.25# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB8184L8 @ 18.4# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)
IB823L8 @ 23# I-BEAM (Less-Than-Prime)

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Frequently Asked Questions

LTP© is the term we use for any type of material that may not be in good enough condition to be sold as prime quality. It could be overstock, odd size, rusty, clean, pitted, damaged, reject, miscut or, in some cases, just a great buy! In many cases, LTP© products don’t have mill test reports available.

While our LTP© steel and pipe is purchased in many different grades and types, we don’t sell it as a certain grade of material unless it is certified to be that grade and/or has mill test reports. In many cases, we mark the material with the information that it had mentioned on it when it came to us. We can’t be certain as to the grade, so use this information at your own risk.

Unless you need mill certification for your material or you must have very clean material, we feel that it is of a great value to buy our LTP© steel or pipe. Our customers typically save from 10-40% or more, depending on the type of material purchased.

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