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Angle Iron is Used in Buildings Worldwide

A team from Yale University led by David Miller, have analyzed usage and demolition data records to find the quantity of iron available for re-cycling.  A major factor in considering large-scale recycling projects for retrieval of Angle Iron, iron and steel framing, and other scrape iron sources, is to conserve energy used in manufacturing. Angle iron consists… Read more »

Steel Houston in TX Leads in U.S. Economy Improvements

Texas Iron and Metal Aids Economic Growth with Steel Houston in TX There is a ripple effect in employment with the impact of the American steel industry. For every job provided by the steel industry in the U.S.A., the ripple effect creates seven more jobs that improve our economy. The steel industry has many point… Read more »

How To Search For Steel Dealers

Searching for steel dealers is of the utmost importance because you need the highest quality steel possible. Steel in itself is one of the strongest, most eco-friendly options on the market today. However, there are various alloys and treatments that can make it difficult to choose which one you need. When you find a dealer… Read more »

Tips For Finding Steel In Houston

When you are in the market for steel in Houston, there are some tips to ensure you buy the kind that will meet your needs. There are more alloys than ever before and this can impact your project in many ways. By using some tips, you can find a quality steel dealer so there is… Read more »