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Don’t Know What to do with Your Excess Material or Equipment?

Whether you want to avoid a large tax bill, want to free up space at your location or bring in needed money, selling your excess material and equipment might be the right choice for you. Texas Iron & Metal has been purchasing and selling steel and other industrial material and products for decades, which means… Read more »

Fireworks Wouldn’t be Possible without Steel.

As you looked up into the sky on Independence Day and saw the beautiful fireworks display, did you think about how fireworks are made? Did you know steel actually plays an important role in their creation? In fact, the same elements that can be found in steel also make up fireworks. First made in China over 1,000 years… Read more »

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Steel Beautifies Houston.

With a vibrant, diverse community, the City of Houston has a goal to “expand the opportunities for citizens to enjoy art in public spaces,” according to the City of Houston’s website. Doing just that, Houstonians and visitors alike can enjoy artwork without having to even enter a museum. Just take a walk around some of… Read more »

Test Yourself: Do You Know Common Steel Industry Terminology?

While you know Texas Iron & Metal is your go-to source for prime and Less-Than-Prime© (LTP©) material, did you know we are also an authority on all things steel and pipe? Our knowledgeable team has helped countless customers select the right type of material for their job ꟷ saving them time and money. We’re more… Read more »

Is Surplus Steel Right for my Project?

If you are starting a project that requires steel or pipe, you’re probably searching for high quality products at the best price available. Along your search, you may have heard of surplus steel and pipe. Aren’t familiar with it? Surplus is a category of metal products that usually come from business closures, project changes, miscut… Read more »