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Super Steel

Steel is a dominant Iron alloy that has a wide variety of advanced industrial applications including civil engineering, aircraft and automotive manufacturing. Because steel plays an essential part in the progression of modern civilization, engineers and material scientists alike are continually seeking innovative ways to develop an even stronger “super steel”. This goal of creating… Read more »

The History of American Steel Manufacturing

Image Source In the early 1900’s, United States Steel Corporation was the first company in the world to reach a billion-dollar market cap. Over the following decades, half of the world’s steel was produced by American steel mills throughout World War II, solidifying the steel industry as the foundation of the national US economy. To… Read more »

Memorial Day 2020 Update

Texas Iron & Metal has been in business for over 80 years and throughout our rich history, it has been our honor to support our armed forces. Since our founder started Houston’s first salvage yard in 1939, we have played an active role in supporting our country in a manner that is of the utmost… Read more »

COVID-19 Update – We’re Open For Business

Texas Iron & Metal is an essential critical infrastructure company. This means that we are open for business and ready to help our customers with their ongoing and future projects. As all our thoughts are on the COVID-19 pandemic, the wellbeing of our valued clients and employees remains our top priority. Since the outbreak began,… Read more »

Funny Facts and Serious Safety.

What’s so funny about April Fools’ Day? Spanning over different cultures, April Fools’ Day is suspected to have started when France made the switch from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar in 1563. This change resulted in the new year starting on January 1st rather than at the start of the spring equinox. Those… Read more »

MC 6 X 18#

Saddled Up for the Houston Rodeo.

To date, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has surpassed $500 million in total commitment to youth and education. After 2019, the rodeo gave over $14 million to scholarship recipients, $8.3 million to junior show exhibitors, $3.7 million to educational program grants and $660k to graduate assistantships. This highly anticipated event has also had a… Read more »

Cupid’s Arrow of Steel.

In today’s culture, Cupid and his gold arrows symbolize love. Known to the Greeks as Eros, the god of love, Cupid was renamed by the Romans who adopted all he symbolized. However, the myth isn’t all lighthearted. The myth explains that depending on his mood, Cupid may choose to shoot a steel or iron arrow… Read more »

Top 3 Most Popular Ways Steel Channel is Used.

Available in many sizes and thicknesses, steel channel is a versatile product used across different industries. When compared to other structural steel products, channel is lighter and more flexible. Used mostly in structural applications, steel channel is a common material found at most steel suppliers, like Texas Iron & Metal. Here are the top three… Read more »

Top 5 Steel Producing Countries Revealed.

Steel is a crucial material across countless industries — from construction and automotive to energy and manufacturing. The alloy made of iron and carbon (and sometimes other elements) is used to create the places where we live and work, the cars, trucks, buses and trains that help us get around and the appliances we rely… Read more »

Ringing in the New Year with Steel.

Many celebrate New Year’s Eve with family and friends, bidding farewell to the past year while welcoming the exciting prospects of the coming one. You might have counted down the Times Square ball drop in New York City or watched fireworks light up the sky, but did you know that steel played an important role… Read more »

A Year’s Worth of Recycling.

You may know that steel is infinitely recyclable, but just how much is actually reused? According to the American Iron & Steel Institute, more than 70 million tons of domestic steel scrap is sent into furnaces during the production of new steel each year. Recyclability has helped grow the industry, and by using scrap to… Read more »

Top Reasons to Work with a Quality Angle Iron Supplier

When your project requires angle iron, you need a reliable steel supplier with a deep inventory. Although there are many options out there, depending on a well-known Houston steel and pipe supplier can make a difference when it comes to project success. Here’s the top three reasons to work with a trusted Houston supplier to… Read more »

Texas Iron & Metal Expands On-Site Fabrication Services.

Wouldn’t it be nice to purchase your prime and surplus steel and pipe at the same location you have it processed? Well, now you can! Texas Iron & Metal’s recently expanded fabrication services helps you save time and money. What are the new services and how can they meet your needs? At this time, four… Read more »

Games on the Gridiron Made Possible by Steel.

Steel stadiums have long made it possible for football games to be enjoyed by thousands of spectators. As we head into the heart of football season in America, take in these fun facts about some of the world’s most impressive steel stadiums. Heinz Field This 12,000-ton steel-reinforced construction packs in nearly 70,000 fans. While other… Read more »

Don’t Know What to do with Your Excess Material or Equipment?

Whether you want to avoid a large tax bill, want to free up space at your location or bring in needed money, selling your excess material and equipment might be the right choice for you. Texas Iron & Metal has been purchasing and selling steel and other industrial material and products for decades, which means… Read more »

Fireworks Wouldn’t be Possible without Steel.

As you looked up into the sky on Independence Day and saw the beautiful fireworks display, did you think about how fireworks are made? Did you know steel actually plays an important role in their creation? In fact, the same elements that can be found in steel also make up fireworks. First made in China over 1,000 years… Read more »

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