Author: AlexandraLPC

Journey of Steel: Organization & Logistics in Steel Industry

Steel is everywhere – literally. If you look around, most of what you see is made with this everyday metal. Have you ever wondered where it all comes from and how it reaches consumers? Probably not, but if so, we’re here to tell you all about the steel-making process and steel logistics from mining to… Read more »

Your Every Day Metal: How It’s Made

If you look around, you will see a lot of steel. Next to plastic and paper, it’s one of the most common materials in products used every day. From your car to your kitchen stove to the door locks, steel is everywhere. In fact, to really put into perspective how essential steel is to our… Read more »

COVID-19 & Metal Industry: Challenges & Disruptions

The COVID-19 pandemic has had obvious effects on economies around the world. There wasn’t a single industry that wasn’t affected last year between business shutdowns and societal lockdowns – some good, but more so bad – devastating even. In 2019, before the COVID crisis, the metal industry was already facing difficulties with tariff struggles and… Read more »

Welded Wonders: Metal in Art

Metal is useful and resilient, but it can also be beautiful. And we’re not just saying that because metal is our livelihood. When you’re surrounded by the same thing day in and day out, it’s healthy to step back and embrace perspective from another angle. The very wise Confucius once said, “Everything has beauty, but… Read more »

Steel & The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was a period of massive growth in all areas of society, from technology to culture to the economy, the world was seeing life change at breakneck speed. Coinciding with this was the iron and steel industrial revolution which allowed for steel, a very useful material, to become much cheaper to produce and… Read more »

Metal & Steel Used in Ship Construction

The introduction of metal to the shipbuilding industry helped to significantly revolutionize the industry as a whole, especially the development of stainless steel and aluminum alloys. Prior to the use of metal in shipbuilding, ships were constructed out of wood. Wood was much less suitable for ship construction because it is not durable or strong…. Read more »

How to Save Money by Using Surplus Steel During Global Crisis

Like everything else, the global pandemic has taken its toll on the construction industry by causing production halts, material shortages, revenue loss, and more. From commercial to residential construction, not one area of the industry hasn’t felt the effects. As a result, many face the challenge of saving money where possible and attempt to recover… Read more »

The Most Magnificent Steel-hulled Ships of All Time

Steel-hulled ships are a mainstay in the maritime industry and have been for decades. So what is a hull? Hulls are the base part of the boat that is in the water. The hull is designed to do one of two things: displace water or ride on top of it. Steel is the most common… Read more »

Metal Processing Through Centuries

Over thousands of years, humanity has grown and evolved in many ways. One advancement of note is our evolved understanding and usage of metal processing from ancient civilizations to modern society. The jump from burning iron ore over an open hearth to recycling steel and using electric furnaces is a huge one. If you are… Read more »

20 American Steel Architecture Wonders

Structural steel is the backbone of many of our planet’s architectural wonders. The Golden Gate Bridge, the Disney Concert Hall, even Houston’s own Astrodome (sometimes referred to as the 8th Wonder of the World) are built with the help of – you guessed it – steel! It almost seems that if you’re looking to impress… Read more »

5 Most Popular Types of Metals & Their Uses

Ever since the Bronze age, people have been seeking novel ways to develop, refine, and utilize metal. Thousands of types of metal and just as many grades allow for applications and uses that are bound only by the limits of our creativity. As a foundation of many industries and at the very root of the… Read more »