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What is angle iron used for?

    Published by Texas Metal & Iron Advantages of Using Angle Iron Angle iron is a highly recognizable and versatile type of structural steel. It gets used in thousands of different manufacturing and construction projects that range from ladders to go-cart frames. Its ubiquitous comes directly from its ability to provide users with following key advantages:
    • Affordable.  Angle iron is a strong yet lightweight material that’s available for a great price. It compares in functionality with higher-priced metals, but its lower price allows users to enjoy its quality structural abilities while keeping costs low.
    • Minimal Maintenance.   Once angle iron has been properly sealed or painted following installation, it requires very little maintenance.
    • High Strength Capabilities.  Thanks to its 90-degree bend, angle iron enjoys high strength capabilities and withstands bending. Pound-for-pound, angle iron is much stronger than wood and other composites and is able to support much larger loads than flat steel.
    • Sustainable.  Have angle iron you need to get rid of? This type of structural steel can be easily reused or recycled into new products through a melting, purifying, and re-casting process.
    Published by Texas Metal & Iron Angle iron is formed in a specific shape to be extremely stable and able to bear excessive amounts of pressure and weight. Normally bent into an L-shape (always 90 degrees), angle iron is often used to frame or build various pieces of furniture, supporting structures, walls or shelves. When used in the construction of furniture, chairs, beds and tables, angle iron is used to create the basic structure of the piece and other materials are used to finish it. This provides strength and stability to withstand almost any type of use. For containers, walls and shelves, the use of angle iron helps to stabilize the entire structure. It will not bend, bow or break and adds reinforcement in two separate directions. It is easy to work with and can be welded or bolted together to create even more stability. The thickness of the angle iron will determine the type of jobs it is suited for. Smaller pieces are normally used for jobs where the amount of pressure and weight will be minimal, while larger thicker pieces of steel are used on walls and supporting beams of buildings that must constantly bear massive amounts of weight.

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