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Reinforce Wall And Column Edges With Angle Iron

Angle iron has become the structural wall answer for businesses across the country. From offices to corner grocery stores, business owners are flocking toward metal stock yards to gather up this useful metal product to use in their commercial building. These business professionals are finding it easier to use this special iron to protect the walls and columns of their building instead of constantly performing repairs.

How This Iron Offers The Perfect Wall Protection

As a business owner you want your business operations to run as smoothly as possible. Employees are working throughout the building as they may be carrying heavy objects like furniture, push carts, or equipment across the floor. When they reach a corner of the wall, or are near a square support column as they make a sharp turn, the heavy object strikes the corner. The object can create dents in the drywall, tears in the drywall paper, or cracks the plaster.

Numerous run-ins can eventually ruin the wall or column. Either it will be simple surface damage as the drywall can be fixed or replaced. Yet the damage can go deeper for columns as cracks can form that threaten the stability of the support.

Angle Iron has become the perfect wall protection for the edges of walls and square columns. The iron can be attached to the wall at the height where the most accidents occur. When someone carrying a heavy object approaches, the Houston steel will absorb the strike of the hit instead of the wall, retaining its shape and preventing the drywall underneath from becoming damaged.

Protect Your Wall While Making It Aesthetically Pleasing To The Eyes

The great thing about using this iron for your walls is that you can make it look great as it becomes a unique decor feature in the office or retail store. Buy brand new angle iron as the shiny gray surface makes it pop out to the eyes. It will give an industrial design theme while telling people to be careful.

You may also decide to purchase surplus iron and place it on the walls, painting over the surface as it blends in with the rest of the wall. You could also paint it to make a contrast statement with the rest of the paint colors in the building. The decor possibilities are endless as you will have a beautiful wall that is also protected.

When you are looking for ways to protect the walls, columns and other structures in your commercial business, consider metal and iron products offered by Texas Iron & Metal. We have the largest selection of new and surplus metal available in the Houston area. Stop down at our stockyard and purchase the number of pieces that will protect all the wall edges as you will enjoy the savings you find at our company.

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