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The Invisible Super Hero of Construction is Angle Iron

Angle Iron is one of those tireless forces for good. It is used in a lot of things for structural support and to most outside appearances it is invisible. It is used in walls, buried in concrete, and for the most part hidden from any view.  In fact, a testimony to its strength is that it is rarely seen unless some demolition exposes it.  This being said, it behooves the structural engineer to calculate correctly the load-bearing of the internal structures made with this material and when they do so, they find the tensile strength to be extremely beneficial in supporting the weight of complex structures. A useful calculator may be found on the Engineering ToolBox. This material is used in all kinds of concrete structures, to support signage, and for the interior support of wall partitions.

Not all such material is made the same. It is important to know the quality of the source metals used in the production of the materials. Appearances may be deceiving and when in doubt, ask to see the certifications. We have some of the highest quality product in the business and it comes with certifications of its strength and quality so it may be used in a variety of applications without hesitation. If certification is not required for any specific job, then savings of up to forty percent (40%) on cost are possible when using less-than-prime materials.

This product comes in a wide variety of sizes which start from 1/2” by 1/2” by 1/8” in twenty-foot sections. These minimal measurements go up to all the way of 9” by 4” by 3/4” and there is every possible size in-between. It is convenient to have them delivered just-in-time on the construction site.  It is also important to work with a materials supplier which is as close to the job site as possible, so they can provide free shipping where appropriate. When special lengths are needed, it is important to have a provider who has the capability to do the cut according to the job requirements. Advance notice is always necessary for special cuts, but we are very good at providing a fast turnaround for special jobs. Simply give as much information as possible regarding the needs requirements and allow enough time for the special cuts to be made. This is all one has to do to make the perfect lengths of angle iron in the correct formats appear on the job, ready to be utilized immediately for construction of the job according to the requirements. The Steel Framing Industry Association recently reported a downgrade of the structural strength of Southern Yellow Pine, making steel the better choice for stronger building materials.

Find a vast selection of angle iron at the supplier called Texas Iron & Metal when looking for quality Houston steel products.