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Saw Cutting and Shearing Services for Your Prime and Surplus Steel and Pipe

Dedicated to meeting your steel needs, Texas Iron & Metal now offers saw cutting services and shearing services. We’ll cut your prime and surplus steel and pipe purchases to the dimensions you choose before pick up or delivery. Now that’s supply on demand!

Saw Cutting Services

Saw cutting involves moving a small line of “teeth” across the surface of the material, each tooth removing a small piece of metal. The kerf, a strip of material slightly wider than the width of the saw blade, is lost in the process. Although slower than shearing, saw cutting can cut much thicker material and handle shapes of varying cross-section, such as I-beams and tubing.

Equipped with two roller discharge tables providing 29 ½” usable width, our dual-column HEM H160A-DC horizontal band saw is the perfect piece of equipment for cutting thick steel accurately. Our saw cuts a variety of steel shapes, including pipe, beams, angle, tubing and channel, handling pieces up to 25” W x 25” H.

Our horizontal band saw is equipped to cut your material accurately. The blade guide system provides stability, lead in/lead out rollers decrease vibration and a power vise clamps the material for a straight cut.

Shearing Services

Shearing is a metal fabrication process in which a piece of metal is placed between two offset blades, like scissors. The top blade lowers onto the surface of the material, then breaks the metal to yield a straight cut. Shearing produces straight cuts only and is effective on thinner materials.

Our new Cincinnati mechanical shear cuts your metal plate to the dimensions you choose, reliably shearing clean and straight edges. Our shear has the capacity for plate up to 12’ wide and between 3/16” and ½” thick. Designed to maximize the number of cuts per hour, our metal equipment reduces your fabrication costs.

We’re excited to roll out more services to meet your prime and surplus steel and pipe needs. If you have any questions, stop by our stockyard at Lockwood Drive and Harvey Wilson Drive or give us a call at 713.672.7595. Our knowledgeable representatives are equipped to handle any questions or concerns you have.

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