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A Year’s Worth of Recycling.

You may know that steel is infinitely recyclable, but just how much is actually reused? According to the American Iron & Steel Institute, more than 70 million tons of domestic steel scrap is sent into furnaces during the production of new steel each year. Recyclability has helped grow the industry, and by using scrap to make new steel, North America is leading energy conservation, emissions reduction and natural resource sustainability. Not only do steel products and material last, they are recycled each year — leading to major headway in the industry.

Know the Facts

• For every ton of steel recycled, 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone are conserved.

• Steel products can be recycled over and over without loss of strength.

• Recycling steel saves the equivalent amount of energy needed to power 18 million households for a year.

• When you buy steel, it is recycled.

• One scrapped car can produce more than four steel utility poles.

• The majority of recycled steel from commercial construction demolition sites is recycled and made into new steel products.

• Entire steel roofs can be recycled, unlike asphalt roofs.

• It takes about four recycled cars to frame a 2,000 square foot house.

• Steel framing often contains a percentage of recycled steel.

• Major appliances are usually made with about 100 pounds of steel — which can all be recycled.

Do you have excess steel? Whether you need to free up space, don’t need the material anymore, want to bring in money or need to avoid a large tax bill, selling your surplus inventory can help. Texas Iron & Metal will purchase your excess inventory of steel and pipe and sell it to our customers — which means you’re taking part in the recycling process! Instead of going into a furnace to be heated down to create new steel, the surplus we handle is often sold for projects that don’t need prime material. You can learn more here.

Want to learn more about the recyclability of steel or how Texas Iron & Metal can buy your excess? Contact our knowledge team. We’re here to help — now that’s supply on demand.