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10 Reasons to Choose Texas Iron & Metal as Your Steel Channel Supplier

There’s a lot to consider when you’re mulling over your options for steel channel suppliers in the area—quality, customer support, flexibility, turnaround, these all add up to major differences over the life of your relationship with a supplier.

Before you make your decision, you might want to consider these 10 benefits of working with Texas Iron & Metal; 10 benefits sure to add up to a superior professional relationship and a superior bottom line for your business.

1. Experience.

When you choose Texas Iron & Metal as your steel channel supplier, you gain experience extending back nearly a century into the past, beginning with the original business of Max Moore, who bought and sold steel out of the back of his truck. Over the years, we’ve developed extensive expertise few suppliers in the area can compete with. It’s hard to overstate the benefits, connections, and confidence that arises when you’re working with a company that prides itself on a history like ours; we haven’t lasted this long by accident!

2. Flexibility.

A good steel supplier is one who can meet the needs of your business, even when they’re somewhat unusual. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt our service and supplies to match your need—when necessary, we’ll get your supply to you the same day you order it. If you need something out of the ordinary, we’ll find out how to get it for you. When you need to save money, we have the deals on surplus and less-than-prime steel that will help you meet your budget. Flexibility is a core trait of any trustworthy supplier, a trait we’re proud to boast.

3. Availability.

It’s simply not convenient to obtain your steel supplies from a dozen different suppliers; a large inventory and the availability of the supplies you need, when you need them, keeps logistics simple and improves your bottom line. That’s why working with Texas Iron & Metal makes sense; even when your needs change, we have the endless variations and varieties of channel, tees, pipe, tubing, beams, and everything else you might conceivably need to finish your product, available at several price points to match your budget.

4. Turnaround.

A supplier shouldn’t need a month to get you your delivery. At Texas Iron & Metal, you can have your steel channel today if necessary, with only a reasonable charge for expediting your order. If you’re willing to come pick your material up, you can have it within the hour in most cases, provided you don’t need cutting or other special adjustments made. That’s the sort of thing that makes us your best choice in Houston.

5. Local.

Other businesses may operate in the region, may even have originated from here, but few can boast a history in the area that goes back quite as far as ours. We understand the laws you need to work with, we know the way logistics flow through the region, we know what we can promise and what we can’t, what you need even if you don’t, and we have the connections to make things happen when other suppliers would struggle.

6. Reliable logistics.

We promise to never be the weak link in your supply chain; when we say we’ll deliver an order, you can trust it will be there. When you work with non-local suppliers, you run the risk of logistical nightmares—with no boots on the ground, no investment in the area, there’s less ability and incentive to offer excellent logistics and navigate area quirks. Our supply chain simply won’t be an issue for your supply chain.

7. Knowledgeable staff.

When you work with a supplier, that supplier should have staff at hand that can understand your project and its needs as well as you do, and make intelligent, reasoned recommendations for the best way to move forward. At Texas Iron & Metal, we have that staff on hand and ready to answer your questions, from the simplest to the most advanced.

8. Material quality.

Of course, what’s the point of a steel channel supply made up of substandard product from countries with less-than-rigorous standards? We source our supply from companies within North America, meaning you can be very certain that any steel you buy from us will match up to its specifications and standards. Our good standing with any number of industry and consumer watchdog groups should tell you everything you need to know about the quality of the product we offer.

9. Reasonable prices.

With our less-than-prime, last chance, and surplus steel supplies, we can help you match a tight budget to steel that’s perfectly suitable to get the job done. And even if you’re looking to flex your budget and get the best possible products for your project, you’re still going to pay a reasonable charge for excellent steel. A good supplier doesn’t need to overcharge, and we don’t.

10. Transparency.

Other suppliers may not allow you to visit their yards or warehouses, intent on hiding ‘how the sausage is made’ behind closed doors. We’ll let you come in and take a look, with or without a guide, so you can see exactly how we handle and store your steel from beginning to end. Why work with a company that isn’t willing to open its doors and show you around—secrets aren’t a good thing in a supplier, so don’t put up with them and come enjoy our transparency.

Ready to buy some steel channel? If you have more questions about Texas Iron & Metal and need more answers—we’ll be glad to fill you in on all you stand to gain in working with us, from product quality and price to logistics and flexibility.