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All material that is Less-Than-Prime© (LTP©) may have varying degrees of rust. If you’d like to know if your Less-Than-Prime© (LTP©) material has a mill test report, ask our team, and we’ll be happy to provide one if it’s available. You are welcome to come by and inspect the material.

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Category: Miscellaneous

Image Description Price Request a Quote
(Item # TIM-14-Pattersons-Fan)

14" Pattersons Fan

Call for Pricing

(Item # TIM-22-Pattersons-Fan)

22" Pattersons Fan

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(Item # TIM-A-Frame-Extension-Ladders)

A-Frame Ladders
4' - 6 Available
6' - 36 Available
8' - 57 Available
8' - 28 Available
12' - 3 Available

Extension Ladders
16' - 3 Available
32' - 1 Available
32' - 1 Available

Call for Pricing

(Item # TIM-EB)

Eye Bolts for Sale
3/8" x 6"(L) - 7 Available, Galvanized
1" x 2½" - 390 Available, with shoulder
1" x 9"(L) - 12 Available, Galvanized

Call for Pricing

(Item # TIM-Heavy-Duty-Steel-Locker)

Heavy Duty Steel Locker
ITEM SOLD! Please check back frequently for similar items like this.

Call for Pricing

(Item # TIM-MC-MPS-1)

Wysong 1/4 x 10' Mechanical Plate Shear
Squaring fixture included

Call for Pricing

(Item # TIM-MC-PIW-90T)

90 Ton Capacity
Uses: Punching, Shearing & Notching

NO Tooling Included
Call if you want to make an appointment to see it run!

Call for Pricing

(Item # TIM-MC-PS-03-03)

Heavy Duty Pipe Stands
Made from: 3 x 1/4" sq. tubing & 3 x 3 x 1/4" angle

Call for Pricing

(Item # TIM-MC-RL-60-24)

Heavy Duty Rolling Safety Ladders
Platform Hgt: 60"
Platform: 24" x 41"
Slips Resistant Steps

Call for Pricing

(Item # TIM-Pallet-Conveyor-End-Sections)

4' Pallet Conveyor End Sections

Call for Pricing

(Item # TIM-Pallet-Conveyor)

4' Pallet Conveyor

Call for Pricing

(Item # TIM-Rack-Pans-Trays)

24" Cantilever Rack Pans/Trays x 10' Long

Call for Pricing

(Item # TIM-Rolling-Pallet-Cart45x54)

45" x 54" Rolling Pallet Cart

Call for Pricing

(Item # TIM-Rolling-UBoat-Picking-Cart60x16)

60" x 16" Rolling "U Boat" Picking Cart

Call for Pricing

(Item # TIM-Saw-Horses)

Steel Saw Horses
#1 - 30"x40"x38"(H), Single
#5 - Top: 31", Height: 37", 1 available pair

Call for Pricing

(Item # TIM-Steel-Troughs)

Storage Containers 36" Wide x 79" Long x 15" Deep

Call for Pricing

(Item # TIM-Track-Torch)

Heavy Duty Stair Platforms
K18 - Top: 32x36, Height: 32", Width: 40", Depth: 55"

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